Books and Poe and San Diego! - 6/21/18


Every month, comic publishers create a list of everything they'll publish three months down the road. Each item on the list includes the cover, publication dates, page count, price and other information, as well as a brief description of what the comic's about. They're called "solicits," and they're used to let comics retailers know what's coming out so they can place orders accordingly. Here's the cover (by Phil Noto, as always) and solicit blurb for Poe Dameron #31:

• In this final chapter of the POE DAMERON series, we see what may be BLACK SQUADRON’S last mission, as they desperately attempt to find allies for GENERAL LEIA ORGANA’S decimated RESISTANCE.
• It’s been one heck of a ride, but all stories must come to an end.

So... yeah. "Series finale." I've known this was happening for quite a while now, and while it's sad to see the series go, knowing ahead of time meant that I was able to write a true ending. I wrote the solicit, too, and I decided to make it clear that it was the wrap-up so that folks wouldn't find out the other way this information sometimes gets out there - learning about the series ending when there was no solicit for Poe Dameron #32 next month.

It really has been one heck of a ride. I'll write more about my experiences on the series when the final issue hits in September, but the book morphed into something much more than just a book about Poe Dameron. It was a story of the Resistance, of resistance in general, and heroism. I got to explore parts of the Star Wars Galaxy I never thought I'd be able to touch - such as the timeline after the end of Episode VIII (which is what the book is doing now, and will continue to do until the end.) I created some new characters - Suralinda Javos, Agent Terex and poor, noble Ivee among others. I brought in little bits of continuity from my own Star Wars series (hey there, Papa Toren) and other writer's tales (hey there, Grakkus the Hutt, hey there, Mr. Bones) and told a story that I think stands on its own, not just as a supplement to the "real" stories in the films.

I love the book, and I'll miss it, but it really was time. I have other Star Wars stories to write, and the 640 pages of the main series plus the two Annuals link together as a wonderful, complete story about the best pilot in the galaxy (just ask him.)

THE ORACLE YEAR IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR (SO FAR!) (you may have heard of it) just put out its list of the best books of 2018 so far, and they selected my debut novel The Oracle Year as a best book in both the Mystery/Thriller and Literary categories. It's making a number of "fun summer reads" lists as well, which is amazing. I've been continuing my year-long tour-ish thing in support of the book as well - I was in Denver, CO last weekend for Denver Comic Con. A wonderful show, no doubt about it. I sold out of all the copies I brought of The Oracle Year by the morning of the second day (I'd have brought more, but they take up a bunch of luggage room.) Tons of Curse Words fans out that way, too, which is always nice.

If you haven't checked out the book yet, here's a link to the Amazon page. You can also get more information, see press coverage, etc. over at the Oracle Year page on this site.


Speaking of the never-ending book tour, although I wasn't sure I was going to go, I've decided to head over to San Diego Comic Con next month. It's always a very intense show, crazier than anything but New York Comicon. Everyone goes (or enough people that it certainly seems like everyone goes) and it's often hyper-scheduled. It takes place in a gorgeous location right by the water that you know, in theory, is serene and relaxing, but NOT THAT WEEKEND.

Still, there's nothing like it - the announcements, the way the show spills out into the entire Gaslamp District around the convention center, the obviously insanely expensive promotions for film and TV shows, seeing your closest friends in the biz for thirty seconds in passing if you're lucky because they're just as busy as you are... it's a trip.

I will only be at SDCC on Thursday and Friday this year, and while I know I'll be doing an Image panel on Thursday and an Oracle Year signing at the Harper Collins booth on Friday, that's it so far. I'm going to try to limit my appearances a bit... we'll see how that goes. In any case, hope to see you there, and when I have a better sense of the schedule I'll add the specifics to the Appearances calendar here on the site.

Last but not least, the fabled Store should finally be going live this week - either tomorrow or over the weekend (most likely the weekend.) It's got some fun stuff, and I hope you'll check it out when it's up.

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