The Oracle Year is the best, Arizona PBS' Books & Co. interview and a bit on Novel 2.

Some nice pickups for The Oracle Year recently - it was selected as one of the Best Sci-fi/Fantasy books of 2018 by Barnes & Nobel’s Joel Cunningham: "The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of 2018 So Far", among other things.

When I was in Phoenix in May, I did an episode of the popular PBS bibliophile show Books & Co. where longtime host Alberto Rios and I discussed the novel. The whole episode should be embedded below - just click to watch, and see how I look when I’m in motion! (This was really fun, by the way - a lot of press or promo can feel pretty superficial, but Mr. Rios did an excellent job of talking in specific terms about The Oracle Year while letting the conversation go to other places when it made sense. I guess that’s the reason he’s been doing the show for so long, and why it does well. Was also fun to be in a real-deal TV studio! Got makeup and everything!)

One more little update before the embed below - I’ve been working pretty intensely on my second novel, alongside the other comics writing and so on. It’s going well, but the main job now is just to get the first draft done. Right now, it’s all very plot-focused - I’m building a house, and if the initial notes are the foundation, and the outline’s the framing, getting this draft done is about getting the walls up. Next pass will be where I lay in the plumbing and wiring - the essential story ideas and themes that connect those plot events and make them sing, and then it’ll be time to decorate, with all the detail work that turns the thing from a house into a home where you can lay your readerly head down.

Novel 2 isn’t a sequel to The Oracle Year - it’s another story entirely, about identity. It’s more sci-fi than The Oracle Year was, but not in a Star Wars sort of way. It’s a story about people, with a light dusting of sci-fi elements. Don’t quote me, but you might get some news about it sort of soon. Depends on whether I get this draft done on time. Speaking of which... back to work! 

Books and Poe and San Diego! - 6/21/18