The store has a few different sections - first, you've got items from my own collection, things not available in stores like signed items and so on. Then, there are separate sections for creator-owned, Marvel and DC comics I've written - those are primarily links to the relevant Amazon pages for just about everything I've done - maybe you've missed something here or there. Go! Browse!


The Oracle Year (Signed)


This is a signed edition of my debut novel, THE ORACLE YEAR. Each book will also include a unique prediction of your future!

Can't make it to a Con but want me to sign something? CLICK HERE

From My Collection

This is the stuff you can't get elsewhere (well, possibly from me at conventions or signings...) Signed items, unique versions of books, merch, special commissions, and one very good friend. Priced to move!

Marvel Trades

Creator Owned Trades

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