Strongman 2 Deleted Scene

With all the news about 27, my new Image series (see the post below this for more info on that), I feel like I've been neglecting my OTHER big project on the way - Strongman 2.  That's no good, of course, so I decided to post something special - a deleted sequence from the script.  As with any big project, the first draft isn't usually the final draft.  Things get cut, things get changed, things get added. In this particular case, I cut two pages from the script because the scene, while cool, is redundant with the scene that follows immediately after.  The information conveyed here is handled in a slightly different but equally effective way later, so there's no reason to have Allen draw two pages he doesn't need to.  Now, unfortunately, I figured that out AFTER he had already done layouts for the sequence, so while it meant a little extra effort from him, it also means you get to see a deleted scene with some rough art, as opposed to just seeing it in script form.  I have a number of scenes like this, but thus far, this is the only one that had any art done for it.

Art first, script pages beneath:

So maybe this was interesting, maybe it was a bunch of images with little context, but perhaps someone will find it useful to see how script gets translated to pages.  Allen's not above making tiny changes here and there if they seem warranted - the layout stage is where we get to see if my script can be improved by the art, and it often is.  It's a fun process.  Allen's layouts have evolved into a sort of shorthand now that we've been working with each other for years - he used to give me full-page layouts with fairly detailed sketches, and now he basically just gives me the figures, their positions and the occasional bit of detail (usually when a new character is introduced, or a specific setting.)  I trust him to nail the details, as long as the basic setup is right.

More soon, about something!

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