Announcing 27, coming from Image comics November 2010!

Long-ish time readers of my blog (those who've been reading it earlier than this past April), may have noticed that I stopped talking about 27, my big music-related graphic novel project, just after I went to C2E2 in Chicago.  The reason for that is simple - 27 was picked up by Image at that con, specifically the fine folks at their Shadowline imprint (Jim Valentino and Kris Simon.)  The book is finished but for a little tweaking, and will be presented as a 4-issue limited series in "Golden Age" format (that is, a little taller and a little wider than a standard comic, which I'm happy about because it should help it stand out on the shelf a bit.)  The currently-planned street date for Issue 1 is November 10, 2010, with subsequent issues to follow one-per-month after that. I COULD NOT be more excited about this.  I made some vague references to this all happening in my post-con blog entry this past spring, but now that I can talk about it in more detail (which, by the way, is because the book is being announced at the Image panel at San Diego Comicon this very afternoon, which frees me up to start promoting it), I can go into a bit more detail about what this means.  For those of you who are not comics-world aficionados, Image is a company that was started back in the early 90s by seven extremely talented artists who were at that time employed by Marvel and DC.  They felt that they were doing work for the big 2 on characters they did not own (Spider-Man, Superman, etc.) and would never own, and even creating characters for those series that they ALSO would never own.  The Image creators broke away from the Big 2 and started their own company, making comics history in the process.  The titles and characters these guys created sold millions of comics, and they controlled them 100%.  It was a landmark moment in comic book history, and it paved the way for a (mostly) new business model in comics storytelling, where writers and artists could create, publish, promote and hopefully profit from their stories on their own.

Some of the titles that have come out through Image... man... you've got The Walking Dead, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, Astro City, Bone, Hawaiian Dick, Invincible, Chew, Powers, Wanted and many, many more that I'm sure I'm forgetting.  The point is, to have a book out through Image is a tremendous thing, and I am thrilled to be adding my little book to the roster.

I'm sure I'll post more about the book in days to come, but let me start by showing you the amazing cover drawn by Scott Forbes (who did a pinup in the back of Strongman Vol. 1, interestingly enough), with logo work by John Rubio, a long time pal and fairly frequent collaborator.

Versions of this image have been posted deeper down in the blog if you want to search for them, but I think it turned out marvelously.  Covers for Issues 2-4 have a really neat unifying theme, too - I can't wait to show them to you as well.

Lastly, then, here's the little writeup I did to start promoting the book:

27 is...

...about music. About fame. About burning out, or fading away. About what it's like to know you had it all, and lost it, and what you might do to get it back. It's about living to see 28.

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and a host of other brilliant musicians and artists died at age 27. Will Garland absolutely fits in with that list talent-wise - he's a hyper-famous guitarist, the closest thing our generation has to an Eddie Van Halen. His only problem is that his left hand stopped working months ago, and conventional doctors haven't been able to get it going again. In desperation, he's consulted some UNconventional doctors, who used their arcane arts to determine that he's slated to be the next member of the 27 Club, and his hand issues are just the start of one hell of a year. THROW YOUR TV OFF THE BALCONY - 27 is almost here!

Creative team: Me on words, the brilliant Argentine artist Renzo Podesta on pictures, Scott Forbes on covers and Shawn DePasquale on letters.

Can't wait to see what you all think of it when November rolls around.

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