Press and Coverage for THE ORACLE YEAR

Praise for the Oracle year

“The Oracle Year raises many questions, but adds constant twists of plot. Where did those predictions come from? Were they sent by a genie? Or a demon? If you’re told what you’re going to do in advance, can you just refuse to do it? If it happens anyway, are we looking at providence? Someone, or something, must have had a plan.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“But anyone will enjoy this comically fast-paced tale about Will Dando”
The Washington Post, pick up from The Seattle Times and The Roanoke Times

“Soule’s firm grasp keeps the story grounded every step of the way, leaving us relentlessly entertained and chomping at the bit for his next effort.”
—The Providence Journal

“The Oracle Year is a fast-paced thrill ride; a marvelous novel filled with significant twists and turns and unforgettable characters…This volatile and unpredictable novel will entertain and keep you guessing until the very end.”
—New York Journal of Books

“And herein is Soule’s greatest victory: The riots for and against the Oracle, the government operations, the religious sermons and the attempts to prove the predictions wrong all feel grounded and born out of a fully aware, digital world. Soule, a well-loved comic book writer of Daredevil, She-Hulk and Star Wars, has delivered a realistic meditation on the consequences of being different. If The Oracle Year predicts the future, we need more good people like Will Dando leading us there.”

“Comic book franchise author Soule delivers an original and exciting spin on an old concept. Recommended for fans of Stephen King’s Revival, The Stand, and ‘The Dark Tower’ series.”
—Library Journal

“Wildly entertaining. . . the relentless pacing, richly developed characters, and brilliant ending make this apocalyptic speculative thriller an undeniable page-turner.”
—Publishers Weekly

“This is Soule’s debut novel, although he’s spent years writing some of the most popular superhero characters for Marvel, DC, Image, and more. Here, he uses his keen eye to create a whip-smart thriller that employs the tiniest bit of speculative fiction, spinning an entertaining, keenly satirical tale about behavior and causality...A thrilling, noodle-bending adventure that keeps readers guessing until the very end.”
—Kirkus Reviews, with pick up from My Statesman

“Soule’s background in comics shows in this dark, rollicking tale.”

“This is one of my favorite books I've read this year, and the author, Charles Soule, is one of the good guys—charming, sincere, and a great writer.”
—Amazon Book Review, On Charles’ guest post, “‘The Oracle Year’: How Did That Happen?”

“Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, Soule throws a curveball and that’s part of what makes his characters and storyline believable and provocative. Life is unpredictable, after all…”
—Amazon Book Review, spotlight on their list, “An Amazon Best Book of April 2018”

“Charles Soule’s novel The Oracle Year brings something new to the table: verisimilitude...the consequences of the existence of a real-life oracle are explored realistically, and with tremendous wit...If there is a “tell” in the novel with regard to Charles Soule’s comic-book pedigree, it’s in the central question: how much responsibility comes along with Will Dando’s great power?... The Oracle Year has all of the elements of a straight-ahead action thriller, while exploring faith, politics, and personal responsibility with heart and a sly, satirical wit straight out of the funny pages.”
—Barnes & Noble Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog

“…an intriguing thriller that asks questions about Free Will. The less I say about The Oracle Year the better, but for good reason. It’s a first-rate thriller with an intriguing premise and I don’t want to dilute its power to surprise. This is a clever “What If?” novel, that keeps the reader guessing throughout...I don’t imagine there will be many books published this year, that hold the attention quite like The Oracle Year. A clever and entertaining read, perfect for lazy summer days.
—Geek Dad

“With enough humor to lighten the seriousness of Will’s predicament, this debut novel keeps readers guessing right to the surprising end.”
—American Booksellers Association, Indie Next Pick

“Here’s my prediction: this book will seep into your soul. The Oracle Year is about knowing the future—and what you do with that knowledge. As you meet Will Dando, you can’t help but reevaluate yourself. Get ready for the best kind of fun.”
   —Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author of The Inner Circle
“Soule's The Oracle Year is like a sliding puzzle, except every time you think you can predict what the image will be, new pieces slide into place. It's a wonderfully mysterious thriller that proves Soule is as much a master of prose as he is of comic book script."
—Chuck Wendig, New York Times bestselling author of Invasive and Blackbirds

“I couldn’t put it down, I had to see what happens next!”
—Mark Harris, host of Red Carpet Crash
“The Oracle Year is that rarest find, a novel that's at once fiercely intelligent—full of mind-bending concepts and thought-provoking ideas - but also incredibly damn fun. With Oracle Year, Soule has created something truly special, both a globe-spanning thriller, and a razor-witted look at the modern human condition. Oracle Year is easily one of the best debuts I've read in years."
—Scott Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of Wytches, Batman, and A.D.

“Even though its about an Oracle, you don’t see a lot of it coming... Charles is a solid writer; continually growing so it is beyond thrilling to witness the debut of his novel. I expect big things as he continues to refine his skills and I look forward to more exhilarating comics and novels...
The Oracle Year is Charles Soule’s madcap debut novel: audacious in scope and bold in its themes. Good clean adventure-fun: the dynamic strategy of a high stakes chess match: that gap between power and being powerful.”
—Girth Radio: My Summer Lair

“And now, a post from Charles Soule — a man who has already conquered comics and now has come for our prose, the bastard, with his most excellent novel, The Oracle Year.”
—Chuck Wendig introducing Charles’ guest post, “Charles Soule: On Finding the Joy”

“You cannot predict the ending unless you are an Oracle yourself. It’s just one of those really fun, “Ordinary person becomes gifted” stories. It asks all these great questions and it’s really fun.”
—Book Riot

“...from start to finish, you'll be devouring each page and wanting to know what happens next.”

“Will Dando knows the future. But you’ll never predict what he does with the knowledge. Crazy fun.”
—Brad Meltzer in Parade Magazine

“If you’re a fan of Charles Soule’s comic work, like I am, it should come as no surprise that he’s able to tell a great prose story as well. And if you’re coming to his work for the first time with The Oracle Year, prepare yourself! You’re about to read an incredibly fun and stunning debut novel.”
—Criminal Element

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which merges comic books and novels into something that feels a little bit new….I happily say about this book: it reads like a comic book. It is fast-paced, visual, and tons of fun. Soon to be a hit and probably a Netflix flick, I predict -- and you can have that one from the Oracle for free.”
—The Comic Journal

“The Oracle Year is overall a well-plotted tale with some fascinating technical and social details. It’s a wild, gripping tale that I’d unreservedly recommend to those who enjoy SF thrillers.“
—Fantasy Literature

“I think Charles Soule's first novel is a veteran work. If he does decide to revisit this story I would be completely happy to see him do so. I'll definitely be interested in anything he releases in novel form. This guy has balanced a lot of writing over the years and he's been able to keep a high quality through it all. If you happen to be a fan of Soule through his Marvel work I think The Oracle Year will prove to be worth the gamble.”
—Scum N’ Villainy

“A fast-paced thriller with a sci-fi sensibility, this debut is not to be missed!...Soule is a master at keeping the reader guessing, dangling possible outcomes in front of us and then switching things up…The Oracle Year could certainly stand on its own as a really good thriller, but Soule goes one step further and presents the reader with some philosophical questions.”
—Books, Bones, & Buffy, with pickup from Tenacious Reader

“I’m only a few chapters in, but Soule’s excellent writing skills make the transfer to novel form with ease, and it’s definitely more of a page turner than the ancient Jedi texts! Consider picking up a copy at a local bookstore or grab it through Amazon…I imagine you won’t be disappointed!”
—Mynock Manor

“The Oracle Year is a captivating novel featuring a quirky premise and a likeable “everyman” protagonist, but be careful not to let those elements fool you into thinking this is a straightforward tale. Sure, the story may utilize some familiar tropes, but author Charles Soule also plays with different ideas to keep readers on their toes and guessing, especially in the second half of the book where the ending could lie in any number of directions. Ultimately, I’m glad I took a chance on this thrilling and fast-paced adventurous debut.”
—The BiblioSanctum

“Speaking of Darth Vader and Poe Dameron, those series’ writer, Charles Soule, has his first novel out now. We’ve read The Oracle Year and can say, with authority, it’s good. Be sure to get a copy.”
—Comics with Kenobi

“Charles Soule needs to write more books! An outstanding premise that fully delivers thrills and chills with plenty of action. The characters are real and entertaining, with the reader finding sympathy with both the protagonists and the villains. A fantastic debut that has me needing to read more from Soule. Overall grade: A+”
—Scifi Pulse

“The Oracle Year will certainly delight readers who enjoy the fast-paced style of storytelling often found in comic books and graphic novels. Gripping and intense, it should be a welcome addition to anyone’s reading list.”
—The Geekiverse

“Soule uses different characters to provide a sense of the effects of the prophecies on others.”

"Read if you're up for a puzzle of a book that mixes thought provoking ideas with plot twist fun.”

“One would hardly guess that this was Soule’s first time writing a prose novel. The Oracle Year is smartly written and engaging. It moves along at a reasonably brisk pace without dragging. About halfway through the novel, I found it impossible to put down as I just had to know how it ended.”
—Big Shiny Robot

“The way the predictions connected and the people met was well-done and handled by Soule expertly. He’s clearly used to tying these loose ends together.  I genuinely enjoyed this book and I’m glad it’s a standalone and he’s not trying to do a Will Dando series, because this book was nicely contained and should not be messed with. Here’s hoping to more from this author in the fiction section though.”
—Lattes and Literature

“Reading it, I didn’t get the sense that this was a “comic book author,” as the pacing was book-like. Enjoyable experience, with some meaning carefully layered in, particularly to me? Metaphysical metaphors, worthy of discussion. Tightly plotted, well-served. Don’t know how it will stand up over time, but then, we never do. In the moment, it’s an excellent novel. Well worth reading.”

“Overall? I loved this book! The Oracle made me ask questions about morality, politics, and what happens when either is without the other. You’ll love this book if you liked Dark Matter by Blake Crouch or if you’re interested in the study of humans under great pressure.”
—Megan Prokott from The Spines

“Charles Soule’s novel showed just how fear and the need to believe in something bigger can spiral out of control. Twisted, intricate, sobering and yet surprisingly hopeful, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
—That’s What She Read

“He wrote a fascinating little bit of speculative fiction that ended up exploring something that I find incredibly interesting about this style of story… This novel is a whole lot of fun. Soule has a real flair for writing engaging thrillers, and at juggling numerous narrative plates… I think that Soule did an amazing job building this hypothetical world while also making it a thoroughly enjoyable story.”
—Puzzled Pagan Presents

“Soule and THE ORACLE YEAR did not disappoint! Soule masterfully creates a multi-dimensional story by weaving alternating storylines together...These storylines create an exciting experience and before you know it you’re already halfway through the book!”
—What Jess Reads

“There is enough clever tongue-in-cheek comments to allow the reader to completely enjoy a good book and also pick up on the criticisms leveled at customs and mores of modern society. There has just got to be more from an author with this wit and charm in his writing.”
—Stacy Alesi

“...the reader will be thoroughly immersed in this world...The story will hook you with anticipation in the outcome and final destination of chess match that seems to play out. The author has the tale to the point, clear in telling with ease of read, captivating and entertaining, as collateral damage shows it ugly head, powerful people centre on and close a grip and circle on the Oracle and his identity, and powerful people across the world juxtaposed with a human catastrophe in the balance. This could play out as an entertaining adaptation to a screen near you like Ready Player One, I predict without knowledge of the future.”

“Every twist and turn in this book manages to defy falling into any semblance of predictability or cliche plot lines. Quite brilliantly, Soule doesn’t attempt to answer the large questions he presents in this novel…Everything about this novel was surprising and unpredictable…If you’re looking for something fun, that raises fairly deep questions in an approachable and entertaining manner, you’re going to love The Oracle Year.”
—Jena Brown Writes

“I’m very excited about this book…I was so pleasantly surprised by’s just so interesting...this is genius, I couldn’t put it’s really really well done.”
—Emma’s Books and Bubbles

“It was nice to see how Charles Soule venture into the literary world was fluid and painless…I had a nice time with this debut novel.”

“What would you do if you woke up with knowledge of the future? The idea has been the subject of many books, TV shows, and movies in the past, so perhaps another book covering the same territory might not sound particularly appealing. However, The Oracle Year, by Charles Soule, manages to be interesting by going a different route by trying, somewhat, for realism.”

“If you are searching for a fast, fun, totally inventive contemporary techno thriller, look no further. Well-developed characters and interconnected plotlines make this debut novel stand out, especially as it touches on several issues facing society such as the role of religion, cultural history and our addiction to the internet. A refreshingly different read.”
—Sandy Amazeen from Monsters and Critics

“The humorous undertones of this novel provide a nice balance with what becomes a serious thriller.”
—Parnassus Books Nashville

“Soule was great at bringing humor to the novel in a great way – through his characters. The humor was not too much or barely there. Soule was masterful about the way he incorporated funny remarks or actions from his characters. He created a serious novel with humorous undertones and that is hard to do...It was funny, intriguing, and a really interesting take on the ideas of power and faith.”
—Fictional Flower Day

“What is staff reading? Stephanie is reading The Oracle Year by @CharlesSoule, a face-paced debut with the perfect blend of SF/fantasy, satire, and suspense. #staffpicks #books #amreading”
—OCNC Public Library

“Highly recommended: @charlessoule's utterly gripping The Oracle Year… Bonus features: impressive women as engineer heroes + villain, and Captiva Island, where I spent a wonderful week at @williamtheliar's 50th birthday getaway.”
—Cindy Gallop

“I think I tweeted this already, but in case I didn’t, you need to read The Oracle Year by the great @CharlesSoule. I blurbed it. That’s how much I liked it. Prediction: Amazing. Buy here:”
—Brad Meltzer

“The super genius @CharlesSoule has a novel coming out today. It's called The Oracle Year. You should buy it and read it if you like reading awesome novels written by super geniuses”
—Randy Havens

“Happy release day too to @CharlesSoule who, having MASTERED COMICS, has now chosen to steal prose from us "author-types" too with his new cracking thriller, THE ORACLE YEAR”
—Chuck Wendig

“My pal @CharlesSoule is celebrating his first novel out today, and it’s a fantastic book. Do the right thing and go buy his fantastic book. Oh look, a link to help you buy his fantastic book: [Amazon Link] #TheFantasticMrSoule”
—Aaron Mahnke

“Thank you to author and comics man @CharlesSoule for my current two-manhattans-Twitter-sass, and thank you @HarperCollins for me and @JenAshleyWright’s His & Hers copies of THE ORACLE YEAR, which we both greatly dug and which you can pre-order now”
—Daniel Kibblesmith

“Congrats to super nerd @CharlesSoule whose novel The Oracle Year just released and earned a shining spot on the April @indiebound list for awesomeness. Can't wait to read.”
—Benjamin Percy

“HUGE congrats to amazing writer and good pal @CharlesSoule - his first novel, THE ORACLE YEAR, is out today. Grab the book everyone's been raving about. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and I absolutely loved it.”
—Alex Segura

“Listen up, gang. It's release day for THE ORACLE YEAR by @CharlesSoule! His comic writing is sharp and his prose is just as compelling and engaging.”
—Jim Zub

“Hey guys. I read and loved @CharlesSoule’s debut novel “the oracle year”. You should buy it too. Especially because it will make me seem super cultured and smart when I tell people I am BEST FRIENDS with a famous author. The Oracle Year: A Novel”
—Ryan Stegman

“THE ORACLE YEAR by @CharlesSoule is out tomorrow. Charles sent me an advance copy of this back in January and it's probably the best debut novel I've read in a while. Honestly, it killed me. I wanted to hate it as much as I hate him. My highest, most furious, recommendation.”
—Jonathan Hickman

“Out today! The Oracle Year by the man who does it all and does it all so well, @CharlesSoule. A thrilling, kick ass read. Pick it up.”
—Tom King

“oh my god someone predicted I wanted this book CONGRATS @CharlesSoule!!”
—Chip Zdarsky

“Currently reading THE ORACLE YEAR by @CharlesSoule, and yeah, the page-turning quote is pretty accurate. Fun stuff. #fb”
—John DeNardo



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