She-Hulk Tease Puny Readers!

I'm currently putting some finishing touches on the lettering pass for She-Hulk #1, out in just about a month from Marvel Comics.  Some amazing pages have been released online already, so I do not feel bad re-releasing them here. Here you go  - pages 2-6 from She-Hulk #1, with pencils/inks from Javier Pulido and colors from Muntsa Vicente. she-hulk1-1-625x948 she-hulk1-2-625x948 she-hulk1-3-625x948 she-hulk1-4-625x948 she-hulk1-5-625x948I love Javier's storytelling. It's just fantastic. Everything you need to know is right there. It's not the photorealistic superhero art you sometimes see (hell, you often see), and I think that's its strength.  The art here perfectly fits the story I'm telling, and Javier is just a killer asset. I'm so happy to be working with him (and Muntsa, who really gives this stuff the pop sensibility it needs.) I've been saying all along that She-Hulk is a fun book, and now hopefully you'll start to get the idea.

Now, to post up something that hasn't been released online yet - an unused script page from this issue. I'm not going to say where it would have appeared (other than to say that it clearly wasn't within pages 2-6). This doesn't really spoil anything - it's just a fun little look at the tone of the story, and a quick snapshot of the way I script. Hope you enjoy!

SH1 Unused PageReally looking forward to reactions next month - Issue 1 hits February 12! Feel free to let me know what you think on Twitter, as always!

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