The 44th Letter!

Wow, this has been a week and a half. Superman / Wonder Woman #1 hit last Wednesday, then we had New York Comicon, and today, the first issue of my new creator-owned series Letter 44 is hitting the shelves, published by Oni Press. The book is a science fiction series about a newly-elected President (sort of an Obama-analogue) who discovers that the previous Prez (sort of a Bush) covered up the discovery of an alien construction project in the asteroid during his term. Now it's the new guy's job to deal with it, as well as take care of a crew of astronauts sent up to investigate three years before. Something like 24 meets 2001.

Here's the cover:


and here's the cover for the super cool variant edition:


The incredible art on the series is by Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, a FANTASTIC talent and wonderful guy whom I had the pleasure of hanging out with all weekend at NYCC. Colors are by Guy Major, and letters are by Shawn DePasquale, with editing by Jill Beaton at Oni.

I actually did a fun post a little while ago about this project, back when it was in its earliest stages. Now that the book's out, you might enjoy putting together some of the dots.  Advance reaction has been very strong, with Bleeding Cool calling it the next Saga (I don't know about that, but hey, why not?), and strong orders. The first issue is priced at only a buck, and a bunch of awesome retailers have been getting behind it in a big way (shout-outs to Larry's Comics, A Comic Shop, Double Midnight, Friendly Comics, Third Eye, ACME and so many others that have been helping to push the book.) If you don't have a shop near you that's carrying the book, you can order it directly from Oni here, or you can get a digital version for your i-readers and e-pads and whatnot here.

The series will hit monthly - I'm so happy that it's finally in the world, and I hope you'll give it a spin. Go Space!

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