San Diego 2013

Interesting month! My first issues of Red Lanterns (#21) and Thunderbolts (#12) hit the shelves, along with another installment of Swamp Thing (#22).  My first opportunity to write Batman, a three-part Legends of the Dark Knight story called "Riddler in the Dark" went live over on Comixology, and I couldn't help but notice tons of commentary on the Superman / Wonder Woman title I'm writing now (first issue hits in October), both negative and positive.

I've been tempted to jump into the fray a bit beyond my last blog post, but I decided that the best course of action would simply be to let the book speak for itself in October.  Anything else is just an expenditure of time and energy that I'd rather put other places.  Both of those are very limited for me right now, and they're both a zero sum game.

So, on to more interesting topics (at least to me) - my schedule for San Diego Comicon 2013! For many reasons, I expect this to be the most action-packed SDCC I've ever had, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm sure it'll be exhausting, but hey, it's the big show.  If you aren't bone-weary when it's over, you probably didn't do it right.

The biggest note is that my fall ongoing series from Oni Press, Letter 44, will have a black and white preview version of Issue 1 available at the show.  I'm not sure how available it will be, but hey, the hunt is part of the fun, right?  It's your chance to check out what I honestly think is the best thing I've ever done many months in advance (the series doesn't actually begin until October.)  Beyond that, my latest OGN Strange Attractors will be at the Archaia / Boom booth, so make sure you check that out, if you haven't already.  I'll happily sign anything you put in front of me.  Anything.

Here's my schedule so far - I expect it to change as we get closer to the show, but I'll update the post accordingly if that happens:

Thursday, July 18

(My birthday! I've heard tales of birthdays celebrated at San Diego, and if I'm incoherent and/or not present for the rest of the con, you'll know that those tales are true.)

4-5 PM - signing at the Archaia booth

6-7 PM - signing at the DC booth

Friday, July 19

10-11 AM - signing at the DC booth.

11-12 AM - Writers Unite Panel, which is a comics writing tips and tricks panel I've done a bunch of times in the past at different cons around the country.  It's always a blast, and we focus on not just tips for getting your stories done and making them good, but also ideas about how to break into the industry.  The panel always includes some of the best new(ish) writers in comics (myself excepted - I just happen to be pals with the moderator), and this year follows in that tradition and then some.  The panel will be run by Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Pathfinder), and the other writers besides me are Rob Venditti (Green Lantern, Surrogates) and Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, tons of DC stuff).  If you're a writer, or want to be one, this is WORTH YOUR TIME.

Also in this window, just towards the end, I'll be popping into the Oni Press panel, which will include a serious first look at Letter 44. I'm told you might have a chance to score a special variant edition of the first issue, which won't be out until October!

3-4 PM - signing at the Marvel booth. Bring your Thunderbolts issues and I'll deface them for you!

4-5 PM - Signing at the Oni Press booth - if you don't make it to the panel, come to the Oni booth to get your advance copy of Letter 44 #1, a San Diego Comicon exclusive!

5:30 - 6:30 PM - DC New 52 Panel (Room 6DE) - we'll talk about all the exciting stuff coming up in the New 52.  Always illuminating and entertaining.

Saturday, July 20

11 AM - 12 PM - signing at the Archaia booth! You can get my latest OGN Strange Attractors here, inscribed with a special message from yours truly (which will probably just be my name, but hey, that's something.)

12:30-1:30 PM - Green Lantern - Recharged! (Room 6DE) - panel discussion about the new creative teams and direction for the various GL titles.  I'll be there, I'm sure Rob Venditti will be there, and I would guess we'll see some of the other GL writers and artists as well.

1:45 - 2:45 - Infinity / Avengers Panel - the Thunderbolts title I'm writing ties into Marvel's big summer Infinity event, and here's where you'll get to hear more about both the event and the individual titles related to it.

4-6 PM - signing at the Oni booth! Your last chance to get a signed con exclusive Letter 44 #1!

Sunday, July 21

I leave around mid-day on Sunday, so I probably won't be doing any signings or panels, but I'll be with you all in spirit, as you stagger around the show floor, trying to squeeze that last little magic out of the convention before bidding adieu until next year.

Next con for me past SDCC will be Baltimore in September, and then NYCC, and then that's pretty much it for the year.  While I love the cons, I love writing too.

Letter 44 in San Diego!