Just a quick one today.  My pal Riley Rossmo, who you probably know from a ton of great Image books including Green Wake, Bedlam, Debris and many more, sent me this amazing Swamp Thing pinup today.  He said I could share, and so I'm sharing: Love the bones! Swamp Thing by Riley Rossmo

Gorgeous, right?  I particularly like the horror that image captures.  The more I write Swamp Thing (and I'm deep into my third script right now, with issues plotted out to my ninth), the more I find the scary side resonating with me.  You can do anything with Swamp Thing, really, but there's definitely a lot of room for the spooky stuff.

As a side note, I love pinups, so if any of you artist-types out there feel like doing a take on the Avatar of the Green (or any other characters I've written), go for it!  I'll post up whatever I get.

Finally, my first issue of Swamp Thing, #19, is in Previews right now, so if you're looking forward to it, please pre-order with your local retailer!  While most shops should carry it, the advance orders are a big part of how well a book does.  I'd love to write Swampy for a good long time, so tell your guy to put it (or keep it) on your pull list!


The darkness cries...