I'm September's Peculiar Person of the Month on the This Peculiar Life blog!  What this means in practice is that I did a very in-depth interview for the site and provided some great photos from Seth Kushner and Sandy Pertuz.  Lots of stuff on future and current projects, as well as thoughts on writing, travel, NYC and all kinds of stuff.  Thanks to David Rondinelli for setting it all up - check it out here:

With NYCC coming up, by the way, seems like it's a good time to do a state of the union on all the stuff I have in the works right now... but I will save that for next time, as there's work to be done!

(Particularly this week - I've been in jury duty for several days, and it was astonishing to see how dependent I've become on being able to quickly bounce from one task to another - phone to computer to whatever.  It was a bit torturous to know my to-do list was getting longer and longer and not be able to do a thing about it.)

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