The Arms Race of Humor (or, being hopelessly outclassed)

As I mentioned in my last post, I taped a show for Comic Book Club Live on May 15, 2012, down at Piano's, a cool bar and performance space on the Lower East Side in NYC.  The show has a loose talk-show format, with several hosts/comic-book types as well as two guests.  I was one, and the other was H. Jon Benjamin, comedian and very prominent voice actor.  My favorite of his roles is the title character on Archer, but he's also currently on Bob's Burgers, and he had a great (although unfortunately short-lived) live-action program called Jon Benjamin Has  A Van, plus roles on Home Movies, Dr. Katz and more.  In other words, he's funny for a living. I showed up for the taping and met the hosts and Jon - he's a super nice guy, by the way.  We chatted about comics (a little - he hasn't been a reader for a long time), the Avengers movie, what he does, what I do, what have you.

After a bit, it was time for the show to start and we headed up on stage.  House was packed, which was really cool.  I got to talk about 27: Second Set and Strange Attractors, a bit about my career so far, rock stars (dead and otherwise) and just riff a little.  All good so far, got a few laughs.  Then, they shifted focus to Jon Benjamin, who, again, does this stuff for a living, and... well.  I like to think I'm kind of quick on my feet, but the dude is a master.  It was really impressive to watch.  So, from that point I just sort of floundered, trying to keep up with the other folks on stage - at least one of whom (the guy in the vest, who you'll see below) was also a comedian by trade - he's a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, one of NYC's premiere comedy workshops.

If you watch the show (and I'm going to embed it below, so you'll be able to if you like), note that every time the hosts gear up a question to be answered by the guests, they discuss it first.  My thinking is that they did that to give us time to think up a funny or clever response (or at least that's what I was trying to use it for.)  Did it work?  Well, you tell me.  Sometimes, maybe, a little.  I felt like I was riding a tricycle in a bike race where the next slowest dude still had a ten-speed (and Jon Benjamin was straddling a Ducati.)

But was it fun? Oh my god, yes.  Not to mention that the video's only been out for two days and as of this writing it's gotten about 3,500 views.  Not the worst promotional avenue to have taken.

Here's the embed, as promised:


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