This has been, and continues to be, quite a week.  I have about five things of note to write about, each of which probably deserves its own post.  Here are those things, none of which will be addressed in much detail right now, for reasons I'll explain at the end: 1. 27 Second Set is out in its collected edition today - the FedEx dude showed up around 11 with a nice box of the trade, and my stars, does it look fantastic.  You can get it in better comics stores near you, or order it online from Amazon.

2. I did a comics-based talk show last week along with H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Archer, among many other great characters, which just went live on the Nerdist Channel today.  Here's the video, and the audio version is here.  It's really, really funny, and a nice way to spend either 22 or 45 minutes, depending on your preference.

3. A short story I wrote a few years ago with the wonderful Robert Saywitz, artist extraordinaire and creator of the complexity maps for Strange Attractors, has been published by Trip City, Dean Haspiel's online literary salon.  It's called Sal & Chrys, and tells the story of a self-storage warehouse in Brooklyn that falls in love with the Chrysler Building.  That's here.  I'm very proud of that story, and glad it found a good home.

4. I did an in-depth interview with, which makes for a pretty good read if you're interested in 27 or my other projects.  Went live on Monday, read it here.

5. Finally, the folks at Trip City also did a podcast with me, also featuring Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of the Daily Show.  I was interviewed by JefUK (aka Jeff Burandt), a long-time friend and fellow Brooklynite, and we went fairly in-depth on the creative process, breaking in to comics, and a bunch of the things I think about where the industry is today and where it might go.  Not just shilling, and I think it's a fun listen.  Enjoy.

Seriously, each of those items could be, and hopefully will be, discussed in great detail, especially 1-3.  But right now I don't have time, because I'm off to Bergen Street Comics to buy a copy of the Second Set trade.  I do this with everything I have come out - sort of a ritual.  I keep the receipts in the books, and line them up on an otherwise empty shelf.  When that shelf is full - well, I won't retire, probably, but I'll be pretty thrilled.

Until next time!

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