Emerald City, and 2012 cons in general...

My 2012 convention season will start up this weekend with the phenomenal Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.  This will be my third time attending the con since 2009 (I had to skip 2010, otherwise I'd definitely be four for four.)  Emerald City is one of the cons on the circuit that's totally focused on comics (very little in the way of video games, movies, etc., unlike some of the other huge conventions, which have become pop-culture adventures instead of comic conventions).  Artist's Alley is always filled with some of my favorite creators, and the setting can't be beat.  I'm actually going to stick around for a few days after the con to check out Seattle.  In years past, I've flown in for the con and then left right after, which provides limited opportunities for seeing much of anything beyond the convention center and downtown.  This time, hopefully, I'll get out into the wilderness around the city.  I understand that if you drive half an hour out of Seattle in any direction, civilization disappears (except for, presumably, the road you're on.)  For a guy from NYC, that sounds pretty appealing. I can be found at table C-10, sharing it with the super-talented Kurtis Wiebe, and next to the marvelous Jim Zub.  I will have a bunch of stuff available, including all my previous work (Strongman, Strongman 2, 27 First and Second Sets) as well as a convention debut of a beautiful promo for my upcoming Archaia OGN Strange Attractors, and whatever else I can fit on the table.  Ask me about The Spark, and I'll show you some killer art for something new I'm working on that hasn't been discussed anywhere yet.

I'll be on at least one panel for sure, the "Writers Unite!" panel at 3 PM on Saturday in room 201.  It should be fantastic - the panel includes me, Jim Zub, Kurtis, Joe Keatinge and Ray Fawkes, and we'll spend the hour talking about how we approach pitching creator-owned projects.  We've all had success in that world with various publishers (within that group, we've got projects with Image (both Central and Shadowline), Oni, Archaia, SLG, UDON, Marvel and probably others I'm not aware of yet.)  So, it should be a great chance to get some informed perspectives on getting your projects out there in the world.

I wouldn't be surprised if I drop in to the Archaia panel from 2-3 on Saturday, also in room 201 (after all, it's right before the writers' panel, in the same room, so why not?)  Archaia's putting out Strange Attractors, as I mentioned, and while we haven't started the full-court promotional press, it might be a good time to start chatting it up a little.

Beyond that, it'll be about meeting and greeting, trying to get occasional bits of sleep, and reacquainting myself with the insane world of comic conventions.  There's nothing quite like them.

Apparently I like it, though, because my convention schedule for this year is shaping up pretty nicely.  I'm finding a balance between local conventions and bigger, cross-country cons.  At the moment, here's my list:

Emerald City (Seattle) - March 30-April 2

C2E2 (Chicago) - April 13-14 (I'll just be in for a Friday panel, and not tabling, but I'll be around Saturday for a bit.)

MoCCA (NYC) - April 28-29

Asbury Park Comicon (Asbury Park, NJ) - May 12

Granite State Comicon (Manchester, NH) - June 10

Heroes Con (Charlotte, NC) - June 22-24

That's "all" I have for the next few months, but SDCC is still a possibility and NYCC's a certainty.  I'm also thinking about Toronto FanExpo in August and Baltimore in September.  I have a bunch of new stuff hitting in the fall, and I'll want to make sure that I have some cons at which to show it off!

Oh, and while this post has been con-focused, man, do I have lots of cool news to share.  The final cover and release date for the 27 Second Set trade.  Brand-new Strongman material (not Strongman 2 - that's done - this is something else, a super cool something else).  27's first tentative steps out into the world of film.  Info about Strange Attractors and lots of delicate teases for the other stuff I have in the works... but all of that's for another post.

See you in Seattle.



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