Librarians love 27!

Some wonderful news this week - 27: First Set was selected as one of the 2012 Great Graphic Novels for Teens by the Young Adult Library Services Association, aka YALSA:


That's some serious YALSA right there.  YALSA is a group within the ALA, the American Library Association, comprised of a bunch of librarians who do a marvelous job each year of combing through the many new books available for libraries to order and selecting those they think would be most appealing to and appropriate for teens 12-18.  The full list of selections for this year is here:

First of all, this is a huge honor.  You look at the other works on that list, and it's clear that 27 is in some spectacular company.  I'm very proud of everyone who worked on the book to get us there - Renzo Podesta, Scott Forbes, Shawn DePasquale on the substance of the book itself, and Jim Valentino and his crew at Shadowline and Image Comics for all their wonderful work getting 27 into the world.

The second thing that is potentially great about this selection - and I'm going to be a little mercenary here, so if you hate it when a dude gets all businesslike then click away now (no, don't) - is that librarians all over the country and the rest of the English-speaking world use the YALSA list as a strong guide towards what they should buy and stock in their own libraries.  So, while nothing is certain, it could be a nice boost for the series as a whole.  Books these days live and die on things like this, and it can be very important to break out of the (wonderful, but not necessarily gigantic) standard audience of comics readers.  For example, I know that the Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer series from SLG was able to get into the black and continue for several volumes because of its inclusion on this list a few years ago.  So, if we're lucky (or luckier - we've already been damn lucky with this series) then librarians everywhere will be foisting 27 off on unruly teens, and if they love it enough, we'll be doing 27 for ages.

And speaking of more 27, the collection of the second arc for the series was just listed in Previews.  As I've mentioned, Previews is a sort of catalog for the comics industry that lets retailers figure out what they're going to order for their shops.  The catalog covers books that will be coming out several months down the road.  In the case of 27: Second Set, the current Previews has listings for April.  Anyone can pre-order a book as soon as it's in Previews.  They can either use the book's order code, which is FEB120422, or just go to their comic shop and ask for it.  An online link to order it now is here, and that particular shop will sell it to you for like 35% off cover.  Even with shipping that's a hell of a deal, and you'll be able to get it right away!

So, if you enjoyed 27: First Set, you like/know me personally, you want to do a good deed for the comics industry, or any other reason that comes to mind, please go ahead and pre-order it.  Many, many important business decisions are made based on the volume of pre-orders, and if we don't get a substantial number it could be, ah... a problem. 

Anyway, there's a nice, 27-related post for you.  More soon!

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