Art from one of my 2012 things...

I have a book coming out in 2012 from Archaia.  I've talked about it here and in other spots from time to time, but not in great detail yet.  I think the art of the tease is important, and you don't want people to feel like a book is old news months before it comes out. Still, I'm getting excited about it, and I feel like sharing just a bit. Projects have weird life cycles, and it often takes a while before they really pick up steam and take on lives of their own.  This particular book just hit that stage (or it seems like it did - fingers crossed.)  I got twelve new pages in late last night and very happily reviewed them this morning.  The penciller/inker on the book is the very talented Greg Scott, a fellow NYC resident and veteran of books for Marvel, DC and many other publishers.  His New York-ness is very important for this book, since it's set mostly in Manhattan and uses a lot of the city's iconic locations as near-characters in the story.  I have a few recurring themes in my stuff: music, New York City and characters who used to have it all and want it back, or are terrified of losing what they have.  This one has the first two, and some of the third, but I still think it's a bit of a departure in some ways.

Anyway, I thought I would show you a few panels from the story, just because I'm excited about it.  Greg is absolutely nailing the NYC stuff, which makes me really happy.  This city is a very specific place, and I want people who read this book to be able to recognize locations - they're all picked for a reason.  I think he's putting a fair amount of mileage on his Metrocard to get the reference, too.  Here you go!


Cool, right?  Final art will be fully colored and produced in that amazing Archaia style as a lovely hardcover edition.  Can't wait to tell you more about it.

A few words on bad ideas...

The Water Children (Halloween Short Story #2)