27 Second Set #2 Preview

27 Second Set #2 hits stands today.  The story starts to take a pretty cool turn in this issue, as we learn more about the main antagonist of the arc - the one-hit-wonder turned witch Valerie Hayes.  For more background on Valerie, check out the writeup at http://onehitwonderz.wordpress.com. Also, there's a free preview of the first five pages of the issue here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=10218.  The cover looks like this:

Awesome, no?  It's a tribute/homage to yet another one-hit wonder from Scott Forbes... this time it's the cover to the Buggles record The Age of Plastic, which included their biggest, and probably only hit "Video Killed the Radio Star."

If you want to pick up either #1 or #2 of Second Set, or any of my comics, for that matter, here's a great link to get that done.  If you prefer to get your comics digitally, Comixology has just about everything, and should have SS #2 up very soon.

As I mentioned in my last post, I just delivered the last pages for the final issue of this arc, which I'm very excited about.  This one goes out with a bang.

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