Qs and As

Last Friday, I was asked to run a Q&A on Reddit's comicbooks thread. As of this post, it has 126 comments, which include people's questions as well as my answers. I got a bit more detailed in my responses than I expected, which meant that the middle of last Friday was taken up with an awful lot of typing. However, the questions seemed to focus primarily on breaking into comics, process and so on, and I think it provided a bunch of pretty useful advice. So much so that I thought it would make sense to post the link here, so people can find the thread after the fact. What I should REALLY do is pull out some of the questions and answers and repost them here, and I may do that, but for now you'll have to check out the thread.

In other news, I just sent off the pages for 27 Second Set #4 to the publisher - so, that's one more book done and out the door. I made a weird choice on the last page of this issue, and I'm wondering how it will be received. I guess I'll find out in a few months, eh?

Beyond that, just working to make a dent in everything else on my writing list. Right now, I'm going to put together some additional script pages for Strange Attractors, so the artist can keep rolling. It's good to be busy.

27 Second Set #2 Preview

NYCC 2011