The 27 One-Hit Wonder Challenge

As I've discussed, the next arc of my Image/Shadowline series 27 starts just about any minute.  Called 27: Second Set, the story will continue the adventures of William Garland, guitar hero, as he tries to navigate a minefield of supernatural craziness.  The basic theme of Second Set is fame - Garland used to have it, but now he doesn't - at least not as much as he used to.  He's making beautiful music, but he's not sure whether that's enough for him, if he can't play it for arenas filled with people.  In other words, he's desperately afraid of becoming a... ONE-HIT WONDER! When we put together the first 27 series, we did an homage cover for each issue, using iconic images of members of the 27 Club as the source material.  For Second Set, we're doing something a little different - instead of the 27 Club folks, we're using album covers from one-hit wonders.  Here's the first cover:

As you've probably already spotted, that's an homage to the cover of Vanilla Ice's 'To the Extreme:'

The cover was done, as always, by the magnificent Scott Forbes (who I had the great pleasure of spending a bunch of time with last weekend at the FanExpo convention in Toronto.)

So, anyway, one-hit wonders are a big part of the second arc.  The first issue is slated to be released on September 14, and to celebrate that exciting event, I decided to do something I think will be half overly-ambitious, half exhausting, and all awesome.  For the nine days leading up to the release of Second Set #1, I'm going to record a cover of a famous one-hit wonder and post it up in all the usual spots - here, certainly, but assuming I do videos I'll also put them up on YouTube, Facebook, etc. etc.  I'll do one per day.  I've already solicited recommendations for songs on my Facebook and Twitter, but the comments section here works just as well.  I'm going to send a signed copy of the Second Set #1 to anyone who suggests a song I actually do.  I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to do videos, or just audio recordings, and how produced they're going to be... I might have to default to solo acoustic versions, but hopefully I can do something a bit cooler here or there.  We'll see.

Anyway, watch this space for updates!  It should all start on September 5.

27: Second Set One-Hit Wonder Challenge Day 1 - Take On Me

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