These days...

Here's some news: I just saw the finished cover to 27: Second Set #4 last night, and it's fantastic.  I think my favorite of this batch is the cover for #2, but they're all really good.

Renzo Podesta has finished issues 1 and 2 of Second Set, and is hard at work on Issue 3.  So far, he's taking his work to an entirely new level - it's the best stuff I've ever seen from him (and I've seen a lot.)

The 27 trade is available everywhere, and apparently doing well.  If you haven't picked it up, there's a link to the right where you can grab it off Amazon.  The Amy Winehouse thing gave it a real boost (and that last post about her death has gotten far and away the most traffic any of my posts has ever seen), which I feel weird about.

The Strongman series saw some very interesting developments at SDCC and in the weeks following.  I don't want to be purposely vague, but hopefully I'll be able to report some fantastic news about that soon.

The full creative team for Strange Attractors has finally been assembled and is hard at work.  I've seen some early pages and I'm very, very happy with how that project is going.  I'm holding off on saying too much about it, but this is a story I've had under my belt for a long, long time, and to see it slowly coming to life after several false starts is really something.

Remember that long post I put up a while back about a project I've had in development since January?  You know, this one?  Well, that deserves another chapter.  Basically, various great artists have shuffled on and off the project, and now, finally, hopefully, I might be able to get that one out into the light of day soon.  Putting together a new project is never easy, and this one's been harder than most.

I've been traveling a bit - SDCC, obviously, as well as a relaxing week in Canada.  I'm headed up to Fan Expo in Toronto in a few weeks, where I'll be signing and hanging out all weekend.  I'll be on the Image panel on Saturday afternoon as well, so if you're going to be there, try to say hello.  I'll be looking for you.

Other biggest thing recently was that my little band played a show opening for one of my current favorite bands, Dawes.  It's the highest-profile thing we've done in a while, and I was stone-cold nervous about it, in a way I haven't been for a show in a while.  Practiced so much my hands felt weirdly arthritic the day before the show, but then once we got onstage (after playing a completely separate three-hour party gig, natch), it all went really well.  I'd like to be able to post some MP3s from the performance, but I totally boned up the recording, so now it will just have to live in my memory and the somewhat crappy-sounding videos I put up on my Facebook page.  The main thing that came from the show is a burning desire to get back in the studio, whether that's my home studio or an actual real-deal recording studio.  I've got an album's worth of solid material that I'd like to lay down with a full band.  That, however, is mondo expensive, particularly when I have comics to make.  I should do more, though.

Golly. I think that's about it for now.  I have other things I could say about the state of the world today - London riots, looming double-dip recession, larger-scale problems we don't seem to be doing much to be solving - but this isn't really that kind of blog.

Until next time, then.

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