Go (San) Diego Go

In about 36 hours I'll be hopping on a plane and flying out to what has been variably called nerd prom, conpocalypse, the biggest clusterf**k since pop culture cons were invented, the most exciting weekend all year for fans of geeky stuff, or just plain old San Diego Comicon.  I've only been once before, in 2009, just a few months after Strongman Vol. 1 was released.  I remember it being a pretty epic, intense time for a variety of reasons, but I had a blast.  The scene was all pretty new to me, at least on that scale. I wasn't running around trying to network like crazy or trying to track down people I knew (as I only knew a handful of people in comics at the time).  It was almost... innocent. This year, my laws, so different.  I'll try to see everyone, talk to everyone, have drinks and dinner and lunch and breakfast with everyone, party with everyone, buy everyone's book, sign everyone's book, see everything, do everything...

...and try extremely hard not to die in the process.  I hope some of you will be doing some of that with me, and with that in mind, here's my San Diego schedule as I know it so far (I'll update it over the weekend as things evolve):

Thursday, July 21

1-2:30 - Signing at the SLG Booth (#1815).  I'll have a VERY LIMITED set of Strongman 2 advance copies.

4:30-5:30 - Signing at the Image Booth (#2729).  I'll have the 27 trade available, 27 t-shirts and a sneak peek look at 27: Second Set!

8:00 - I know I'm going to attend the Image/CBLDF party at the Westgate hotel, and we'll see where the evening goes from there.

Friday, July 22

1-2:30 - Signing at SLG

6:00 - I'm planning to hit the iFanboy happy hour up on the roof of the Andaz hotel, at least to start.

Saturday, July 23

1-2:30 - Signing at SLG

Sunday, July 24

(probably some more time at Image/SLG, but I'll have to figure out the details.)

I will also make announcements on Twitter (www.twitter.com/charlessoule) and possibly on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=557991766).  If you want to get in touch with me, those are probably the best two ways, but you can also shoot me an email at csoule at rocketmail.com.

See you this weekend!

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