Gallery of Lost Strongmen

I had completely forgotten, but once upon a time the phenomenal Kody Chamberlain did a pinup/cover concept for Strongman.  A bunch of people did them, actually.  We settled on the amazing work from Paul Adam as the final cover, but I think some of these other versions should see the light of day.  (Full disclosure - a few of these made it into the OGN, but they were black and white.  To my knowledge, this is the first time I've put the color versions up.) First, here's Kody's very cool image:

Scott Forbes, who many of you probably know from the killer work he's doing on the covers for 27:

JM Ringuet also did a cover take, which we used for the pitch in the early days.  He's a very talented artist, and I hope to work on something with him someday.

How about that blonde, eh?  Va-va-voom!  He told me he based her on Catherine Deneuve, which I think was a fine idea.

Allen Gladfelter, the interiors artist on the series, worked up a bunch of concepts too, many of which are pretty slick and deserve a little time in the spotlight.  Here, presented without (much) comment:

It's all great work, and any of the images on this page were worthy contenders.  The trick with a cover is to pick the one image that perfectly encapsulates the tone of the story, while still being eye-catching and cool.  I had a good time looking back at this stuff - it's been years.

So much going on right now - pushing a new project forward, doing PR for the launch of the 27 TPB and 27: Second Set, building to the release of Strongman Vol. 2 (in August, I think) and doing everything else - it's a busy time.  I've got a bunch of art to post, and plenty of news, so hopefully I'll do another update soon.  Until then!

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