You, yes YOU can beat the 27 Puzzle!

Anyone who's made it to this blog has probably already heard about the puzzle I built into the first four issues of my Image Comics series 27.  It's sort of a hidden code, based a bit in music theory, and my intention was to reward the first person to solve it with a plane ticket to a comic convention city of their choice (more details/rules on that in an earlier post here).  Here's the thing, though - so far, more than two months after the fourth issue was released, no one's solved the thing yet. I very much want to put someone on a plane, so I've decided to modify the game a bit.  The collected edition of the issues with the puzzle will be released in late June (looking like June 22).  I included the solution to the puzzle in that trade.  My original intention was to shut the game down if no one had solved it by the time the trade came out, but that doesn't seem like much fun.  So, I am now going to allow anyone who picks up the trade to have a chance at getting the prize.  All you have to do is follow the instructions on the puzzle solution page within a week after the trade comes out, and you'll be entered in a drawing for the ticket.  I'll pick a name, and post the winner up here, along with a nice photo of the big winner holding their copy of the book (if they're willing).  I may shift the plan up slightly as I learn about release date changes or things like that, but that's the basic idea.  Easy, right?

So, order the 27 trade on Amazon or tell your local retailer you want them to reserve you a copy.  It's a fun read even aside from the puzzle, I promise!  Feel free to ask questions in the comments, or find me on Twitter (@charlessoule).

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