Well, holy shit. It's hard to figure out what to write about 27's success.  I wanted the book to do well, and I worked very hard on it (as did the other people on the creative team - that's Renzo Podesta on interior art, Scott Forbes on covers and Shawn DePasquale on letters, not to mention John Rubio on logo design, Jim Valentino, Kris Simon, Jade Dodge and all the other good folks at Image/Shadowline, guys in the press who got behind the book, friends I've met (and some I haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person yet) who actually took time to talk up the book... it's amazing.)  My point is, that a lot of people had to put in their time and focus to make this happen, and so, to all of them, and to anyone who decided to pick up the book, THANK YOU.

I didn't expect anything like what's happened, from the speculator frenzy to the almost uniformly excellent reviews... it's more than any writer could hope for.

Lots of good things to come on 27, which I'll provide more detail about when I can.  Let's just say that there are more stories to be told in that little pocket universe.

Next post will probably have more updates on what's been going on, plus some additional information about the infamous 27 "puzzle."  I want to make sure people know what they're looking for - I want it solved, after all!

Happy 2011.

What's up with 27.