NYCC Wrap-up

Well, I'm glad to have that behind me, to be honest.  New York Comicon, or NYCC, is a massive endeavor, both to prepare for and to experience.  As I mentioned in the last post, I had a good number of signings scattered throughout the weekend, which were wonderful in that I was able to talk about my books (both in existence and upcoming), meet fans, run into old friends who walked by the table, etc.  Shadowline (the Image imprint publishing 27) and Indie Spinner Rack were fabulous hosts, and my only regret is that I didn't take more pictures. The other side of any con (or at least cons for me these days) is networking.  Seemingly just about everyone in the business came out to New York (I know that's not true, but it felt like it), and so it was a great chance to meet and re-meet folks who I might get a chance to work with one day, if all goes well.  It's always something of a tricky balance - you have to know, or intuit, the right way to approach and talk to people at cons.  Editors are always busy at cons, and they're also always being preyed upon by creators looking for work.  My rule with editor conversations is to keep them VERY short and sweet, unless they give you an opening that suggests they're up for talking a bit more.  The idea is to make just enough of an impression that you can follow up with an email later and they'll remember who you are.   (Which reminds me, I have to start getting my con follow-up emails out!)  So, that's editors.  Creators, on the other hand, are always up for conversations.  Everyone wants to talk about what they're up to - which is usually fantastic stuff.  As I've continued to work in this weird/awesome business, it's been my extreme pleasure to meet and in many cases become friends with talents so extraordinary that their brilliance blows my hair back.  Creators gossip, too, which is fun.

Also had some solid conversations with some press folks, but if there's one area in which I feel like I screwed up the con, it's that.  While I hung out with some great guys in the comics press, including Josh Flanagan from iFanboy, Charlito from Indie Spinner Rack (link above), and Brett Schenker from Graphic Policy , I didn't network the press guys like maybe I could have, and with a book in Previews right now (that's 27 Issue 1, for those who don't know), I should have tried to set up interviews and so on.  Ah well.  I did okay.

One issue with all that networking, I didn't have a ton of time to actually walk the floor.  There are whole sections I never got to see, and while I bought some books I'm very excited about, I didn't get much else.  The merch selection at the big cons is usually pretty amazing, so it's a shame to have missed it.  Next time, I suppose.  Oh, another negative - it was insanely crowded.  Getting from one place to another took forever.  That's probably why I didn't walk the floor as much as I ordinarily might have.  On balance, though, it was a great time.

I've posted before about my occasional tradition of getting artists I know to draw Tigre, the  main character from my Strongman series.  NYCC garnered me a killer new sketch from Rodin Esquejo, the fantastic cover artist for Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma's Morning Glories series, which I have the great pleasure of posting here:



I also realized that I never posted another Tigre I got, from the wonderful Bobby Timony of Night Owls fame.  He drew this for me at C2E2 in Chicago last April.  However, I hung out with him a fair amount at NYCC, so I think it counts.  Enjoy:



And that's that!  I am hoping to be able to have some great things to announce soon - as I said, it was a productive weekend.  In the meantime, though, onward towards the 27 release date - less than a month away!

Deleted panel from 27 Issue 1.

NYCC Signing Schedule