One of the things about the hype cycle leading up to a new book coming out is that you have to find new bits and pieces of news from time to time in order to keep people chomping at the bit during the last few months before the book hits the shelves.  This is that. With no further ado, it gives me extraordinary pleasure to be able to announce the final, formal title of the sequel to Strongman, last year's biggest aged-masked-wrestler success story:


And here's the cover, nice and big, by the always phenom Paul Adam:

You may be thinking... "Oaxaca Tapout"?  Uh, yeah.... awesome?  Let me assure you, YES IT IS.  Here's the deal.  SM2 is influenced in small part by the films of Andy Sidaris.  You may be thinking... "Andy Sidaris"?  Uh, yeah... awesome?  Let me assure you, YES HE WAS.  SORT OF.  Andy Sidaris made incredibly cheesy action films in the 80s, filled with bangs (all kinds), boobs and bullets.  They were mildly amazing to 11-12 year old me, when I could catch the uncut versions on Cinemax or whatever, but they're really sort of terrible.  Bad acting, no plot, no budget - but the female leads were usually Penthouse Pets or Playboy Bunnies, and sometimes you don't need much more.  Really, all you need to know about his stuff can be found at his official site.  Anyway, while those weren't the best movies of all time, they did have a sort of hard-driving chutzpa to them, and they all boasted kickass titles.  Kickass titles that were essentially nonsense.  Check them out:




GUNS (that's it, just "Guns")

and my personal favorite, PICASSO TRIGGER

So, that's where I got the title, basically.  It's set in Mexico, hence Oaxaca (even though the book probably doesn't take place in that wonderful state), and Tapout because Tigre is, of course, a wrestler.  I hope you guys like it - not long now until you'll get to see it for yourselves.

(Other news... just got back from a wonderful weekend at Baltimore Comicon.  Plenty of stories to share, which I will try to type up as soon as I can.  I'd also like to possibly do a little series on advice for indie creators - not that I'm so awesome, but I do think it might be nice for me to organize my thoughts on that subject a little.  And of course, more about 27 and Strongman Vol 2: Oaxaca Tapout!)

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