God, it's been a while.  My last update was in 2002, I think - something about Attack of the Clones, I'm sure.  (Apropos of nothing, I've been rewatching the prequels and the OT repeatedly over the last month - not entirely on purpose, they've just been on a lot while I've been doing other things - and man, has the CGI aged poorly in some of the shots.  This is especially true in Episodes II and III (and of course the CGI in the Special Editions of the OT, but that's almost to be expected), in shots where the backdrop is extended to create some sort of cavernous, "epic" space.  (See any shot where Obi-Wan, Mace Windu and/or Yoda are wandering around the Jedi Temple.)  The seams really show in HD - and I'm not even talking 1080p - this is 720p upconverted to 1080i (if that's even possible - I'm a little hazy on the way HD resolutions work, but it's definitely at least 720p).  I can't imagine how crappy it looks on 1080p, like public access cable blue-screen shots from the 90s.  It makes me hesitant to rewatch the LOTR movies, for fear the same sort of thing will happen.  At least Peter Jackson shot those on film, and used practical locations as much as possible - maybe it won't be so bad.  And for the record, I have no real issue with the prequels - they're just supposed to be movies, not a religious experience.  I enjoy the good parts, don't like the bad parts, and I find that on the whole, there's more good than bad.) So, on to news.  First, I want to debut a few new iterations of the Strongman 2 and 27 covers.  Here's Strongman 2 (and remember, it's still a work in progress - more things are going to go on that cover, and the color is going to evolve a bit):

Super cool, right?  That's going to pop right off the shelf.  And now, 27:

That's going to develop a bit too, but it will give you the idea.  Note the nine circles, centered on the guitarist's pick hand?  There's actually a lot going on in this image, which is what I like.

27 is 2/3 done - it will be 90 pages when complete, and I have 60 of them finished, lettered, ready to go.  It's my expectation that the whole book will be done by around the end of May.  Renzo Podesta (the artist) had a great idea for some promo posters, and I think we'll do those too - if 27 ends up coming out as single issues (I would try to do it as two 27-page issues and one 36-pager), then they could work as covers too.  Once those are ready I'll show them here - it's a really cool idea.

I'll be at Mocca this weekend here in NYC, both Saturday and Sunday, April 10.  If you're in the city, swing by.  I'll have the first 50 pages of 27 to show, a bunch of Strongman 2 stuff, and various other cool items.  The following weekend, I'll be in Chicago at C2E2, although just for Friday and Saturday, and I'm not exhibiting.  There's something very amazing happening there that I get to do Friday night, which could be a fantastic opportunity, but more about that in the next post.  Also, maybe a bit about a Strongman movie!

Do what you gotta do.

Next iteration of the Strongman 2 cover.