27 Cover

27 is a project in a strange place right now.  I am working on it full steam ahead, but there are parts of its release plan that I'm not sure about yet.  The book should be fully drawn by May, I think, which is amazing to contemplate.  When it will hit the stands is another question, but that will get sorted out. I will be taking the big chunk of the book that's complete with me to Emerald City Con in just about a month, which I'm excited about.  But as part of that trip, I want to have a cover to slap on top of the package.  I asked my friend Scott Forbes to put together a cover for me, and that's coming along nicely.  Scott has an amazing art style, reminiscent of Josh Middleton but still very much its own thing.  He's got an Image book on the stands now - Forgetless - and I imagine he's going to have a long career.  Not to say he's just a kid, exactly, but he's still young, and if he's as good as he is NOW, I am sure he'll be blowing people's minds for years to come.

Here's the rough of the 27 cover he just sent me.  There will be a lot more to it once it's finished, but I think it's fun to look at pictures, even in incomplete form.  I hope you agree.

The angle of the guitar splits the page in half, which is perfect for the theme of the book - which you'll just have to wait to read about.  Trust me, though, it works.

Pitching in a whiteout!

Let(ter) me tell you a story.