Strongman 2 cover concepts.

The marvelous, Austin-based cover artist for Strongman Volume 1, Paul Adam, is back on board for Volume 2.  He managed to find a few minutes to work up some sketches for the cover, which I've included below:

As you can see, the basic idea is to take the iconography of the Volume 1 cover and change it up a bit to reflect the things happening in V2.  I think the colors will be different (I'm thinking blue and purple, but we'll see), and of course the background elements with Tigre's face will change as well.    There will be a mirroring image on the back, also as we did with V1.  The big question, really, is what to include in the background.  One concept is to have the good guys Tigre works with on the front, and the bad guys on the back.  Another is to include some elements of the screwed-up Mexico he finds when he returns home.  Another is just to have an assortment of the crazy things he runs into when he's there, sort of a fun mish-mash.

It's hard to say, and I have to think on it a bit.  What I would really like to do is figure out something that will convey the basic conflict of the book - that Tigre feels personally responsible for the hellhole in Mexican hometown has become in his 35 years of absence.  And, of course, it should convey that the book's awesome, action packed and sort of fun/funny too.  That's what a good cover can do.

Last time, Paul pulled out not just a good cover, but a great one, and I have no doubt he'll be able to do it again here.

Strongman 2's team just got a little bigger...