Tigre Sketches

I've been asking the occasional artist at the various cons to draw sketches of Tigre, and they invariably turn out incredibly well.  It's hardly surprising, though - after all, if you want amazing artists, comic cons are pretty much the place to go. First, by Rob Saywitz, a super talented fellow and my collaborator on the Sal & Chrys story (more about that in a prior post):

Tigre Sketch (Rob Saywitz)

Next, Lucy Knisley, who I met at Fallcon in Minneapolis.  She's the author of a lovely book entitled French Milk, about a time spent living and dining in Paris with her mother.  Super talented, and super nice.  Here's her Tigre:

Tigre Sketch (Lucy Knisley)

Man, as I'm looking at these - the scans don't really do them justice.  However, you get the idea.  Last one is from another brilliant artist and animator, Rob Donnelly.  I had a table next to his at KingCon, which happened just a few weeks ago in Brooklyn.  He spent a lot of his time at the con drawing beautiful watercolor images, and I asked him to do a Tigre.  This is the result:

Tigre Sketch (Rob Donnelly)

It's this one I feel the worst about the scan quality, because believe me, this one's amazing in the flesh.  I love all of these, but I think this one is particularly cool because it's so different from any other interpretation of the big guy I've seen before.  I'm planning to keep going with these, and I'll post more when I have them, from time to time.

In other news, we just locked a lovely set of 11 new pages from Strongman 2, and we're trying to lock down the publication date.  Allen Gladfelter is working hard, so it's really just about how his schedule works out.  I'm also supposed to have a new set of pages from 27 any day, so I'll post some additional art from that when it's ready.  Should be cool.

Beyond that, I owe my thousands of readers a few con reports, and probably a discussion of what it was like to go on Jeopardy - since that's the secret thing I alluded to in my last post.  In a word - intense.  In four other words - really fun, super memorable.

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