Sal & Chrys

I wrote a story for the anthology book Less Than Three, in which all stories are supposed to be concerned with love (at least tenuously).  (Less than three... <3 ... get it?)  Len N. Wallace, the author of the upcoming Oni book Love Buzz, invited me to participate after checking out Strongman, and I was very happy to be asked. The story I wrote is short, only 7 pages.  It's entitled Sal & Chrys, and it's about a self-storage warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn who has spent most of his hundred years or so of existence staring across the East River (which I recently learned isn't a river at all, it's a tidal estuary or some such - it's open to the same body of water at both ends, so I guess it doesn't quite qualify)  at the gorgeous spire of the Chrysler Building.  And for the past 30 of those years, he's been in love.  The tone is sort of whimsical - if it were a film I could see a dude with a reassuring, deep voice doing the narration, perhaps Burl Ives.

Anyway, the amazing Rob Saywitz is doing the art, and I've gotten in pencils for all of the pages.  You should really check out Rob's site to see what he's capable of, especially his amazing inking technique, but these will give you an idea of the look of the story.  Enjoy!

S&C P1

S&C P2

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