Strongman Reviews

I've been lucky enough to have received a slate of pretty much unanimously positive reviews for Strongman.  In the last few weeks, a new bunch have shown up, that I thought I'd share quickly.  First, a video review (Strongman comments start around 4:30):


A really great, detailed review that has a lot of interesting things to say about the cover: review (Strongman is the second review on the page):

Really great Podcast review from The Pull List ( , and you want episode 69, direct link below, and Strongman stuff starts at the 35 minute mark):

There are more, but I'll leave it at that for now.  Cory Doctorow has a copy, and may review it one of these days.  I also got a rave (albeit a very brief one, basically just "this book fucking kicked ass") from a Pulitzer-Prize winning author, but that was informal, and so I don't want to post that up here as if it was an official, on-the-record endorsement.  The big hurdle still seems to be print reviews, but I'm going to start working on that in earnest too.  Is anyone friendly with the graphic novel reviewer for Entertainment Weekly?

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