A day before emerald.

I'm off to Seattle tomorrow (very bright and very early - probably earlier than bright, actually) for the world-famous Emerald City Comic Con.  I'll get to hang out with Allen Gladfelter, the artist of Strongman (and Strongman 2, provisionally subtitled "Country, Liberty") and some guys from Slave Labor, the book's publisher.  I'll get to refresh my cache of copies of the book, which is sorely needed.  I'm down to one as-published copy, and two review copies, which isn't much to work with.  Reviewers and people of note are clamoring for their chance to read Strongman! But comic book related stuff aside, I will also get to visit my little brother, who I haven't seen since his birthday in January '08.  I've never been to Seattle before, and I purposely scheduled some additional time around the edges of the convention so that he can show me around town, we can have a bunch of beers (and maybe some karaoke, if old habits hold true) and just catch up.  

Right now, however, I'm off for a run.  I like to go early, when I can (and when it's warm enough - I HATE running when it's cold, although I do it if there's no choice).  I run from my place down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is along the East River, right under both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  The route goes through DUMBO and Vinegar Hill (discussed in a previous post), and opens up to a spectacular view of lower Manhattan.  It's like a reward for the effort.  And if you go to the verrrry end of the boardwalk built inside the southern portion of the park, in the last ten feet the view opens up a bit more and you see the Statue of Liberty.  It's a great run, a little over four miles, and I want to make sure I get one in before I have to sit on a plane tomorrow for eight hours, and then (most likely) have a weekend of drinking and unhealthy food. 

By the way, I make no pretensions towards being a badass super-runner.  I started running more regularly when I couldn't find a gym close to where I live in Brooklyn, and I've somehow managed to build it up into a habit, 2-3 times a week, over the last couple of years.  It's an amazing way to burn off stress, and against all odds I find that I've come to really enjoy it (unless it's cold), but I don't see myself running any marathons.  Ever.

Not a moment to spare...