Corduroy Jacket

I was video-interviewed (videoviewed?  vinterviewed?  That sounds like Chekov in Star Trek IV.)  while in Austin earlier this month for the fabulous Staple small press convention.  I'll get to that in a minute, but first, just to digress, the convention was an absolute blast.  It was a chance to hang out with extraordinarily talented creator-types, which is something I LOVE, whether it's writers, musicians or artists (or, presumably, dancers or architects, although I have yet to really have the pleasure.)  I also got to sell Strongman in person, and you can't imagine how gratifying it is to tell someone about your book, have them consider it, and then reach into their wallet for a ten-spot.  In a single eight-hour day, I moved about 80% of the copies of the book I brought down to Austin, which I personally think is pretty good.  It didn't hurt that Austin is one of my all-time favorite cities (of all time!)  I was about a hair's breadth from moving there three or so years ago, and still occasionally wish that I had (please accept my apologies, Brooklyn... oh, no, don't be like that... I didn't mean it, I swear.)  [Yes I did.  Austin is awesome.]

I have another convention coming up the first weekend in April - the Emerald City Convention in Seattle.  The artist for Strongman, Allen Gladfelter, will be there as well, plus some of the folks from Slave Labor.  This will be my first chance to hang out with the main SLG guy, Dan Vado, since he published my book, so it'll be interesting to talk to him.  And I hear Seattle is fabulous, too.

But anyway, back to this interview.  The interviewers were a couple of guys from the very cool Geek Bombast site (, and we did a quick 2-minute interview that I'm going to attempt to embed below. 

.......... (3-4 minutes of screwing around trying to get wordpress to deal with this site)...........

Well, that didn't work.  See it here:


The Strongman Shorts