On sequels.

It looks like I'm going ahead with a sequel to Strongman, which is an exciting prospect.  It's exciting in part because of the reason I'm doing it - because people apparently want to read it.  I don't know that it's many people, necessarily (yet), but it may be - or it may eventually be. Anyway, most of the time thus far when I've written things, it's been more or less solely because I wanted to create whatever it was I was writing.  There's rarely been an outside impetus (other than, say a nebulous deadline from an agent to provide a rewrite, or a screenplay competition deadline, etc.)  But now, there are people in the world who affirmatively want to read more of the characters  and world I created - people I've never met, who I only know about through Google Alerts-fueled skimming through messageboards, reviews, etc.  Hopefully there are a few folks beyond the ones who feel moved to post on a board about Strongman, too.

In other words, I find myself with an audience, albeit I'm sure a small one.  And those people are in my mind as I work on Strongman Vol. 2.  Now, I was never planning to reinvent the wheel and go totally outside the basic setting and themes of Vol. 1 (no Star Trek-crossovers - sorry, Allen) but now I'm trying to drill down and figure out what it was that worked so well about the first book, and bring that along to the sequel.  Was it the New York setting?  I hope not, because NYC gets much less screen time in V2 as currently planned.  Was it the essential character of Tigre, my main guy?  I actually think it was - and we'll definitely get much more of him.  Was it the film noirish tone, and the mystery?  Well, there's a bit of that too, but not to the same degree.  If the first book was Nacho Libre crossed with Sin City, this new one might be Nacho Libre crossed with Traffic by way of City of God, with just a touch of Forbidden Planet.

Which, I think goes without saying, will be awesome.

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