Looking at a pile of firewood.

Some of the logs are huge.  It's going to take quite an effort to get the fire hot enough to chew through them.  That being said, the weather's turning fast, and the days when it'll be pleasant to have a fire at all will be gone soon enough.  I think I'll give it a try this evening. I also have about two hours of silence until things move into their typical nighttime rush.  My first (published) book hit shelves a week ago last Wednesday, and I'm tempted to continue working on my outline for its sequel.  I'm excited about the possibilities of expanding the story, but I'm not sure the verdict is one hundred percent in as to whether I'll be doing a sequel at all.  Of course, when I wrote the original book in the first place I wasn't sure it'd be published, but this seems different somehow.  The story's sort of churning around in my head, though, pushing to come out.

This particular character (Tigre, the 65-year-old ex-masked Mexican wrestler who some reading this might already be familiar with) comes more easily to me than many in my various books, screenplays and other projects.  That should tell me something - and it's actually nice to write stories that I can just create without a ton of outside research.

Of course, now that I think about it, this as-yet un-subtitled Strongman Volume 2 is going to require research into the ongoing Mexican cartel wars, unusual US-Mexico border crossing methods, super-long distance hot air balloon technology and probably a little about ICE.  But that's all fun stuff.

I'm sure I'll add ten posts with book purchase links and reviews in a minute, but I wanted to begin the blog with something a bit more relaxed.  There's always time to self-promote, but days cold enough to light a fire are going to be gone before I know it.

On sequels.