Pre-ordering books gives the author such a huge boost. It’s the biggest favor you can do for a writer you like. I would love it if you pre-order my second novel ANYONE, which you can do very easily here, in any format you choose, from any retailer (Amazon to your local indie bookstore.) If you do, I want to thank you with some very cool items I’ll mail out to you, as well as entering you in a big giveaway to win a trip to New York City and an opportunity to Be Me for a few days. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pre-order ANYONE by 11:59 PM, December 2, 2019. In other words, any time between now and when the book comes out on December 3.

  2. Email me proof of pre-order (a confirmation page from a website, a confirmation email, etc.) to

  3. Include your full name and the address to which you want your bonuses sent.

That’s it! Do that, and we’ll send a confirmation email back to you, and you’ll get your bonuses as well as being entered into the Be Me giveaway… which I’ll tell you about in a second. But first, the bonuses that everyone gets:

  • A very cool, personalized letter from NeOnet Global, the corporation that runs the body-swap tech in the book, called the “flash.” It’ll be an in-story artifact that will bring you (yes, you) into the world of the book, letting you participate in the very first tests of the technology.

  • The fabulous enamel pin derived from the book’s cover (you can see it on this page), which will also connect with the NeOnet Global letter in a fun way.

And as if that wasn’t enough, here’s the best part: the Be Me giveaway! I will give one lucky pre-orderer, plus a guest, a chance to be ME for a day. Yes, you can be Brooklyn-based writer, musician, attorney Charles Soule for a day. Or a few days, even. BUT HOW? Well…

I’ll take everyone who sends me proof of their pre-order (forwarded email, screenshot, etc.) and randomly choose one on release day, December 3, 2019. (Entry can also happen without a pre-order or purchase, as outlined below.) The lucky winner and a guest will be flown to NYC and put up in a hotel for two nights. I’ll provide you with a list of the stuff I typically do - my favorite places to write, to eat, to drink. The shops I like, the places I get my coffee, my museums, movie theaters, even the best routes I take when I go for runs. You can do some of that or none of it, but if you want to be me, you’ll have a map.

I’ll join you for one of those activities, too, and cover the cost - whether that’s drinks, dinner, a run, a movie... whatever you want. Sounds fun, right? Right.

The giveaway is only open to legal US residents 18 years of age or older, and there are other important rules you should read below. If you have questions, feel free to tweet them at me, or email or use the contact form here.


Be Me GIVEAWAY DISclaimers/rules:

  • All proof of pre-order must be received by 11:59 PM on December 2, 2019, via email to

  • Proof of pre-order must include a screenshot, forwarded email or similar documentation that you have advance ordered Anyone.

  • It doesn’t matter which format, or from where you order it. Hardcover from IndieBound, e-book from Barnes & Noble, audio from Amazon... they all count.

  • Everyone who sends proof of pre-order will get the NeOnet Global letter and pin, and be entered in the “Be Me” giveaway, if the proof of pre-order includes your fulll name and mailing address.

  • If you live in NYC or near NYC, and a trip here wouldn’t wow you, we’ll work out something else equally cool.

  • Timing of this trip, where you stay, flights, all of that will be determined by me or my team, in coordination with you. In other words, we’ll figure it out together, but final call on all that stuff comes from my end, and is dependent on my schedule. We will make reasonable best efforts to schedule the trip within 18 months of December 3, 2019. If this is not possible, I have the option of providing you with another prize of roughly equal value within a reasonable amount of time (approximate retail value of the “Be Me” giveaway looks to be about $1500.)

  • I will cover two plane flights (might be connecting flights depending on where you are) to New York City, and two nights in a New York City hotel, and assuming the winner wants to hang out with me, the cost of one joint event we might do together (dinner, drinks, etc.)

  • If for some reason you have to cancel the “Be Me” trip once it’s been scheduled and paid for in part or in full, you will forfeit your right to the trip or any other form of compensation of any kind.

  • If for some reason I have to cancel the “Be Me” trip once it’s been scheduled and/or paid for in part or in full, we will make best efforts to reschedule. If we cannot find a mutually acceptable time to reschedule, you will be provided with a prize of roughly equal value to the “Be Me” trip within a reasonable amount of time.

  • You can also enter to win this “Be Me” trip, no purchase or pre-order necessary, by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to ANYONE, Attn: Stella, 5 Marcus Rd, West Nyack, NY 10994.

  • You will be responsible for any taxes that may be due to federal, state or local authorities based on you winning - if you win.

  • The “Be Me” giveaway is only valid to legal residents of the United States of America who are at least 18 years old. I apologize for that, but the rules for overseas entrants and minors are more complex than I’m able to deal with. I still love you, overseas and young folks, and if you send me proof of pre-order I will make sure you get your NeOnet Global letter and pin!

  • The winner of the giveaway will need to sign liability waivers, etc. before coming on the trip. If that’s a problem, another prize of roughly equal value to the “Be Me” trip will be provided within a reasonable amount of time.

  • The “Be Me” giveaway, as well as the other pre-order bonuses, are provided by me, not my publisher Harper Perennial, their parent HarperCollins, or any other entity besides Charles Soule/Soulemusic, LLC. They’re supporting me in spirit, but the rest of this is all my crazy idea.